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Intro to the NWPL

What is the NWPL? Northwest Premier League? Watch and share this introduction! See you on the pitch or in the stands this summer!

Posted by Northwest Premier League on Saturday, February 20, 2016


About NWPL

The Northwest Premier League (NWPL) is an elite, adult, amateur women’s soccer league competition featuring Northwest clubs across the state of Washington, USA. 

The NWPL will make every effort to bring quality soccer to all levels of the community and to promote the stature of female athletes as role models for our youth.




The great variety of highly skilled players is what makes the NWPL truly successful. NWPL teams roster college, post-college, foreign players and talented high school players every year. Many college programs encourage their players to play in our summer league because they believe it helps them prepare for the upcoming season. These players gain tremendous experience playing alongside other dedicated, competitive players, some of whom are former professional soccer players and others whom are aspiring to become professionals on or off the field.

We give post-college players a place to play at a very high competitive level while they are starting their careers.


Collegiate programs have utilized our league to improve their player’s development and sustain their fitness over the summer months. Highly competitive youth clubs have also used our league to expose their players to teams that carry players from every level - national, collegiate, post-collegiate and youth - and they then carry the experience they’ve gained, individually and as a team, into their local league competition in the fall and spring.

The Registration "WOMENS PREMIER TEAM" is not currently available.

High Performance Division U18 & Up

Maintain the fun and competitive environment focused on holistic development (emotional, spiritual, social, cultural, physical, mental) with expectations of success and performance


Application of the Football Made in Brazil software (tactical development) from U17 and above.


Tactical schemes, systems and strategies in an 11v11 game condition individual game analysis


Continuation of the perfection of the 12 techniques, both feet in game situation and game condition


Continual development of the physical capacities such as body coordination, agility, fast reaction, flexibility (elasticity), muscle strength, etc.


Participation in provincial and national programs and competitions


Participation in international competitions (understanding the different philosophies)


Participation in Individual Player Training programs in Florida, Brazil and Europe


College and/or Professional preparation